05 May 2009

What? Chew? Not Crunch?

So after my big speech about how I wasn't ready for the boys to have finger foods, the more I thought about it the more I decided that yeah they could be ready. And off Daddy went to the grocery store and bought a box of unsalted Saltines. After Z's supper we broke off a tiny piece and fed it to him. And he really liked it. We hand him the cracker, and he promptly shoves half of it in his mouth and bites it off. Of course that is when Mommy panics "no Z, we don't eat all of it in ONE bite! Don't choke Z, please don't choke!" By the time he was done gumming his mouthful of cracker I think he MAYBE kept a little sliver in his mouth and swallowed it. Basically it was just really messy for Mommy to clean up afterwards. G was finished with his supper now, so we gave him his cracker. Broke off a little bit, fed it to him and oh yes, it is good. BUT you know what is MORE fun than eating crackers??? CRUNCHING crackers! G promptly smooshed his cracker against his highchair tray.

And then yesterday we tried puffs. And they're really only good to be picked up one by one, and not eaten, but thrown over the edge of the highchair. Only of course after they've been drooled on and are a sticky, gooey mess.

Its ok... Mommy got a Swiffer WetJet! "Oh look, something spilled... let me get my Swiffer." "Sticky spot? Swiffer!"

Mealtimes are definitely becoming more interesting. They used to sit side by side in their highchairs and hold hands while they ate. Well, they decided that it is more fun to try and rub each other's face and then touch as much else as they can before Mommy can stop them. They no longer sit side by side.

Our little Z is about to start crawling. Somehow he thinks he's ready for this. He props himself up on his hands, pushes up on his toes (so he's in a push-up stance), and drops his knees to the floor. He didn't want to go the easy route and just try one knee at a time. No, he's all into the moving thing and he wants to conquer it all at once. I'm pretty sure that by the end of the week he'll be moving. And moving fast.

G has decided that rolling is worth the effort and is making his laps around the living room as well. For some reason both boys are enthralled with the laundry baskets. One of the first things they make their way towards and then grab at.

And they are both sitting on their own. Each of them can go between 3 and 5 minutes before falling over. They're little troopers though and will take face plant after face plant without even a squeak.

Yesterday we made the big trip down to Williston. It was a busy day and the boys did great. M and I are officially residents of North Dakota! We transfered our plates and driver license while we were there. We also went to JC Pennys. The store is at street level and in the basement. While with the boys, anything with two levels becomes more difficult. I asked if their was an elevator, and sure enough there was. It was one of those cool service elevators like you see in the movies! I thought it was the neatest thing in the world. Towards the end they had had enough. Enough bottles, enough car seats, enough sleeping. It worked out pretty good though, and they went to bed around 9:30. I didn't hear a peep until 4am! Almost like a full night sleep.

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  1. Ohhh,you make me laugh!!!!But remember you must ALWAYS put up posts with pictures so Grammy can see her little cherubs!!! I love you so much-Mom