13 May 2009


When the boys laid down for their afternoon nap, I ran and took a shower. When I got out of the shower. Wow.

And let me assure you. These are not just your plain, old regular snowflakes. These are snowballs. They are big. And a lot of them. And trust me, my shower wasn't THAT long! I guess we won't be going for our walk today. That makes day two. Yesterday we had thunderstorms.

On a happier note, I unpacked an additional five boxes today. So, yes, maybe 4 of them were shoes. But they're unpacked now! I keep trying to figure out why I need all these shoes. I sit down in front of them and go "I will get rid of you, and you, and you". Five minutes later I'm adding them back into the keep pile. I have one pair of shoes that I seriously have attempted to throw out for going on 4 years. Yet, there they still are. They were with me when I got married. I attempted to throw them out while we were living at Ft. Drum. They moved to Florida. I attempted many times to throw them out there. And here they are in North Dakota. Almost feels like I should give up trying to throw them out. I do still wear them, its not like they just sit around.

And another happy note. The boys are going on 2 hours of napping! WooHoooo! Yes I know I just jinxed myself and they will be awake in 30 seconds....

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