28 June 2009

This Is What Happens

G decided he did not need his naps in the morning any more. He decided that if Mommy should happen to lay him down for a nap he would scream the entire time. And be immensely offended should she try and shove that stupid pacifer in his mouth. And then he'd throw it across the room. Mommy gave up. Out of the crib he went. And in the living room to play. Come lunch time baby boy was exhuasted.

Z thought it was great fun that G was missing out on lunch!

Poor Kid

can't ever keep his pants on!

Yes, Over! And Under!

G finally pulled himself up! Of course after admonishing him to be careful and then running and grabbing the camera, he had slid down and was no longer all the way up on his knees!

A new favorite spot for Z to play! G can't quite pull himself over the little ledge yet. But he tries desperately too!

Z also never sees any need to go around G. Its much easier to go over him. It would appear that he feels it necessary to go over him, as he will go out of his way just to crawl on top of his brother.

26 June 2009

Einstein Hair

G has one little tiny bit of long hair. See it?

I have no idea how that hair is still intact. When he gets happy... he pulls it. When he gets mad... he pulls it. When he gets tired... he pulls it. You get the idea. Someday I think he's going to just end up pulling it all out and end up with a bald spot.


Previous post is a video. I forgot to mention that!

25 June 2009

Having A Ball

The boys have a ball. A nice, big (for them) lime green ball. They weren't GOING to have a ball. Until G decided in the hardware store that yes, he NEEDED the ball. And amazingly, its become a new favorite toy. It kept them happy and distracted for almost 20 minutes today. Twenty whole minutes. I love this big, lime green ball!

side note: see the laundry basket? another favorite to play with!

Piggy Back Rides

22 June 2009

Main Street Parade

On Saturday the boys and I attended their first fair. They loved every part of it. The sirens on the Law Enforcement SUVs (three of them to be exact). The cars, the tractors, the lawn mowers (yes, our parade had lawn mowers). They loved the clown. And the man on a unicycle. And the horses. G would squeal with delight when something really tickled his fancy. And Z would sit up straight as can be, stick his arms out to the side and wave them in excitement.

We were hoping to get to the county fair, which was right down the road. But crankiness set in. Followed by some rain showers. And then more crankiness. We didn't leave the house at all yesterday...

19 June 2009

A Day In The Park

On Wednesday I took Bubba to get his tail docked. It was a hectic day, requiring me, the boys, and the dog to all be out of the house by 7:30am. I was able to (with careful, strategic planning) get everything packed and loaded into the Jeep and we were on the road at exactly 7:02. The ride to Williston was uneventful. Bubba quietly rode in the back, and the boys slept. After finally finding out where the vet was located we made it there with just minutes to spare on our 8:30 deadline. And that is when I found out that Bubba had ate his leash. Again. This time I don't think he ate it as much as tore it to little shreds.

After he was dropped off the boys and I went to McDonalds for breakfast. Where they ate the bananas I brought, and half an english muffin. Their very first McDonalds meal! And then we blew some time in Wal-Mart. After we had spent as much time as possible there, we went to the park for the rest of the day.

You can see his teeth!

I had a hard time trying to get the sippy cup away from him. He insisted he HAD to have it always. So, with his sippy cup he is pictured.

I couldn't resist stopping to take some pictures on the way home. I felt horrible as I heard our poor, drugged dog thumping and thudding in the back as he rolled around at every corner and stop. But it was to serene and beautiful to miss.

15 June 2009

Backyard Sun And Fun

We spent Saturday afternoon in the backyard playing. They are bundles of fun and joy. I love every minute of being their mommy.

12 June 2009

Big Boys!

Z now pulls himself up. On everything.

Howdy Doody!

Mommy & Midgetmen

A for Effort

G is trying so hard to 'army crawl'. He doesn't quite get how all those limbs work yet. In fact he thinks his left arm is pretty useless. And leg, now that I think of it. He pushes and pulls primarily with his right arm and leg.

(this is a video)

Bare Bum

This is what you get to do when you have a bad case of diaper rash:

And this is your boring life if you don't:

I believe Z is trying to hang on to that diaper rash as long as possible. He LOVES to be naked! It is hard for myself on the other hand since he is so active and mobile. I'm constantly chasing him around trying to get him to stay on the towel!

07 June 2009

At Long Last?

I realized this morning that I feel... at home. This is what I've dreamed my life would look like. I have an amazing husband. And the most wonderful, adorable little boys. I feel complete. Whole. Satisfied.

And this is all brought on by a candle. I lit a candle this morning while the boys were (and still are!) napping. And it hit me. This is my fairytale life. I get up in the morning, and am welcomed by two chubby faces smiling and giggling. I am swept off my feet every day by my prince charming. Our home is clean. I don't feel rushed or overwhelmed. I have time to take baths. Watch a good movie. Go for walks. And light candles. Everything in my life feels in order.

And I know, without a doubt, this is always what I was meant to be in life. A wife, and a mother.

Isn't it amazing what a full night of sleep can reveal to a person?

05 June 2009

He Can?

This morning the boys got up at 7 for bottles. Now granted, I did go in their room twice, once at 4:45 and again at 5:30 to give them pacifiers and tell them to go back to sleep. But they slept to 7 before actually getting OUT of bed.

G is his normal, cuddly, snugly self during his bottle. He finishes eating, I go and get Z and his bottle. I come back into the living room and G is doing the "army crawl". Across the entire living room. When did he start doing that? I never saw him try to push himself forward more than three times at the most. And he always rolled onto his back. And now. All of the sudden he's an expert? I think he's been practicing in his crib.

01 June 2009


A night at the park!

You know what happens when you put them in the same crib together now? They fight.

Don'cha know, just the most handsome boys in the whole wide world (said with my best No'Dak accent)

Meshies! I've been putting frozen fruit in their meshies this past week. And they LOVE it.