09 September 2011

Play Dough!

Today Z and I made some play dough while G and lil' M napped.  He very carefully dumped all the ingredients into the pan.  He helped me put everything away.  And even pretended to wash the dishes for me.  Which was only a little disastrous, but no major damage was done. 

 I did discover that using whole wheat flour in your play dough... well, I thought the spoon had splintered through out the dough at first.  Note for next time... no whole wheat.  It was a mistake, the whole wheat.  I forgot I had emptied it into the flour canister.

The boys were very excited to play with this new creation.  I pulled out the safety scissors and let them practice their cutting skills.  G was all about the scissors.  He grabbed onto them (the right way!) and started "snip, snip, snipping" away.

Z wasn't so thrilled with them.  OK, he was.  But after he tried to cut his cheek, finger and arm repeatedly, each time getting yelled at by yours truly, he ditched the scissors and decided to just play cars.

I love to see their imaginations coming out.  And the new discoveries they're making.  The little tales they make up as they sit there and play.  Even though, G some how manages to make every. single. conversation turn into one about Thomas the Train (really G?  can't we give Thomas a day off?)

Lil' M is discovering her hands.  She spent the entire afternoon devoted to the research of her hands.

look at those cheeks!  and yes, she is kind of busting out of those jammies but I'm trying to wait until the weather cools down to pull out the next size.

And of course, a little taste testing too.

Today was a good day for me.  I got to the end of the day, and I still felt like I had it together.  I didn't accomplish as much as I secretly wanted to.  But at the same time, I accomplished a lot more than I realistically thought I would.  I was able to catch up on a ton of work.  And should be able to finish the rest of it up over the weekend.

I've been wracking my brain lately trying to figure out how to make this all work.  Between laundry and cleaning.  Work.  Cooking 3 meals a day (as unhealthy as they are... there has GOT to be a plus side to having drive thrus semi-close to where you live.). Taking care of lil' M.  Trying to make sure the boys get the attention they deserve.  Making sure M gets the attention he deserves.  Feeling like I am a human too... I've felt like the flood waters have been slowly rising around me.  And there won't be much time until I'm in over my head.  I decided earlier this week to devote a section of every day to one certain task.  I was doing it housework in the morning; work in the afternoon; boys after supper.  But that hasn't worked for me.  Too many days my housework takes up more than just a few hours of the morning.  I think that next week I'm going to switch it around so work is in the morning and house stuff is the afternoon/evening.  Before we moved, I felt like I had it all conquered.  Granted, I was minus 1 child and a job.  But there is this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I can still conquer everything.  I'm just missing a secret link.  I will find that link.  I will find it, and I will conquer again.

04 September 2011


1. We went grocery shopping in Minot (aka: we now have FOOD!)
2. I was given supermom props repeatedly through out Wal-Mart (that darn cape must have been hanging out)
3. The good behavior ended between Wal-Mart and Target.  (I was given 'worse mom of the year' looks while in Target.  We left quickly.)
4. Z kept his undies dry the entire time we were gone.
5. I pass-blocked someone who annoyed me for over 15 miles.  (yes, I'm that kind of driver.  Do.Not.Try.To.Pass.Me.When.I.Am.Already.Speeding)
6. All the littles napped in the truck on the way home (YAY peace and quiet for me!  Much better than the screeching "CHOO, CHOO, WHOO, WHOO" from G and the screamed response "BE QUIET YOU'RE GOING TO WAKE UP MILEE" by Z I had to listen to the entire way there.)
7. We had our first potty training casualty.  (OK, it was a fatality.  I just threw those suckers out.  Come on already, tell me when you need to poop Z)
8. No one learned a lesson yesterday.  G rocked his chair like a crazy man at the table (can I maybe blame this on Grammy's obsessive rocking habit? its genetics, they can't help it, right?) must also add that while G was doing this, Z was throwing milk soaked lucky charms across the table at him.
9. The boys have been playing for an HOUR together. (they're still happy.  and not killing each other)
10. Lil' M is already asleep.  And 5 minutes until the boys are dragged whisked away to bed (YAY for me again!)

Another discovery of the day.  Pretty sure caffiene has become ineffective.  Give me an energy drink and I am one happy lady.  Or maybe it is the effect of coffee and energy drink on a mostly emtpy stomach.  Either way, I feel awesome.  And its the end of the day.  Something could possibly be wrong with me.

03 September 2011

maybe not such a great idea.

Today I found a recipe for homemade 'edible' finger paint.  Edible as in, it won't kill them.  Not as in, it tastes yummy.  But hey, G will pretty much put anything in his mouth (I believe it was jet dry he wanted to suck down today).  I thought it would give me a chance to finish my grocery list. 

Or not so much.

And then the fun was over. 

 Z decided it was WAY too messy for him.

G decided to tear his paper into bits (which he then threw all over the dining room).

It was definitely a fun project.  Something I'm sure we'll do again.  But just not when I'm attempting to get stuff done.

Tonight we also had a first almost major boo-boo.  After the 500th + time of telling the boys to not rock their chairs at the table, I gave up.  Wouldn't you know, Z rocked it too hard and flipped his chair backwards.  Unfortunate for him Thomas the Train was laying on the floor at the exact point his head was to collide with it.  Gave him a nice little split (man, oh man do head wounds bleed).  I was afraid at first that I'd have to take him to the ER.  But the bleeding stopped prett much as soon as I put a cold wash cloth on it.  It dribbled a little more before a scab formed, but I decided we could get away without having to make that first, dreaded trip.  And, of course within minutes of climbing back into his chair he was rocking away.  Lesson learned  for.sure.

02 September 2011

3 Months

Its been 3 months since lil Miss M joined our family. 

So many thoughts and emotions running through me right now.  Its been an exhausting day.  A day that I've finally reached the end of.  And I'm drained.