04 September 2011


1. We went grocery shopping in Minot (aka: we now have FOOD!)
2. I was given supermom props repeatedly through out Wal-Mart (that darn cape must have been hanging out)
3. The good behavior ended between Wal-Mart and Target.  (I was given 'worse mom of the year' looks while in Target.  We left quickly.)
4. Z kept his undies dry the entire time we were gone.
5. I pass-blocked someone who annoyed me for over 15 miles.  (yes, I'm that kind of driver.  Do.Not.Try.To.Pass.Me.When.I.Am.Already.Speeding)
6. All the littles napped in the truck on the way home (YAY peace and quiet for me!  Much better than the screeching "CHOO, CHOO, WHOO, WHOO" from G and the screamed response "BE QUIET YOU'RE GOING TO WAKE UP MILEE" by Z I had to listen to the entire way there.)
7. We had our first potty training casualty.  (OK, it was a fatality.  I just threw those suckers out.  Come on already, tell me when you need to poop Z)
8. No one learned a lesson yesterday.  G rocked his chair like a crazy man at the table (can I maybe blame this on Grammy's obsessive rocking habit? its genetics, they can't help it, right?) must also add that while G was doing this, Z was throwing milk soaked lucky charms across the table at him.
9. The boys have been playing for an HOUR together. (they're still happy.  and not killing each other)
10. Lil' M is already asleep.  And 5 minutes until the boys are dragged whisked away to bed (YAY for me again!)

Another discovery of the day.  Pretty sure caffiene has become ineffective.  Give me an energy drink and I am one happy lady.  Or maybe it is the effect of coffee and energy drink on a mostly emtpy stomach.  Either way, I feel awesome.  And its the end of the day.  Something could possibly be wrong with me.

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