29 August 2009


Happy Halloween?! In August?!

(it was Superman on TV. They just couldn't be bothered by Mommy taking pictures)


Oh gosh! (He's teething can you tell?!)

Standing all by himself!

And Gmidget too!

After getting these in the mail from another twin mom (THANK YOU CHANDREA!!!!) I was afraid that if we waited until Halloween to wear them "Not Intended To Be Loose Fitting" would have turned into "You Are Suffocating Every Part Of My Body By Making Me Wear This Mommy". And they are so adorable, I just didn't want to wait that long! So tonight we had a bit of Halloween!

28 August 2009

Just Being

Being Tired:

Being Brotherly:

Being Goofy:

Being Serious:

Being Adventurous: (they are eating spaghetti with chicken and a creamy roasted red pepper and basil sauce!)

Being Brainy:

Keep Our Town In Your Prayers

Earlier this week, tradgey hit our little town.

HS Athlete Suddenly Dies

My heart is breaking for this family. His Aunt and Uncle are our next door neighbors. I have no words to describe the heartache I feel for them. I cannot imagine going through this as a parent.

20 August 2009

Favorite Book

"That's Not My Puppy!"

(but that's my paci)

(and my book)

Big Bang

G fell and bumped his head on the corner of one of our walls. See his goose egg?

First official goose egg of childhood.

Picture Impossible

This is what happens when I pull out the camera now-a-days

19 August 2009

Mommy and Midgetmen

10 Month Stats

I got the boys 10-month stats today! They are (insert drumroll here)

G: 20 pounds 12 ounces; 28 inches; 17 3/4" head circumfrence
Z: 18 pounds; 28 1/4 inches; 18" head circumfrence

I can't believe how big our little boys are getting! G is going to have to move up to his big boy carseat soon (sob, sob, sob). Z still has a little ways to go before meeting the 22lb weight limit!

In other news, G is all out crawling now! Child sounds like an elephant when he crawls. I find it adorable!

gbaby - first attempt

Monday I decided to give our new gdiapers a try. I decided that I would try them on one baby, and then the next day see how they work on the other. G was the lucky first baby. I excitedly put them on G after his morning nap Monday morning.

Only to have him poop within 40 minutes. And, unlike the pamphlet states, it went EVERYWHERE. All over the cover. And the snap-in liner. Talk about a mess.

At that point M and I had decided we were going to go to Williston. So I went ahead and put a disposable on G.

The diapers are ready for attempt 2. I'm not sure I am though!

15 August 2009

BumBum Business

From the day I found out we were having twins, I have wanted to cloth diaper. I knew that in the beginning it would be too much, but I planned that when the boys got to about 6 months old I'd start. Well, with everything else that went on at the time, it never happened.

A few weeks ago I renewed my determination to at least attempt to cloth diaper. I did some research online, and after looking on ebay for cloth diapers I found an affordable diaper made by Sweet Baby Doll. They were One Size, which I thought would be ideal. Instead of investing money in all these diapers that they would then outgrow, I could just stock pile these. And be set until the boys are potty-trained. So I ordered 2 pairs to see how they work. They come in two different styles. One that snaps at the waist, and the other Velcros. I got one of each. After a few trial runs I determined that "knock-off diapers" do not work for us. Z is so skinny the snap one just doesn't work for him. G is such a heavy wetter that he soaks through them if they're left on for more than 1 1/2 hours. And the Velcro one comes undone. NOT a good thing when diapers are falling off the bum.

And then I found gdiapers. Technically they are flushable diapers. There is a cloth cover. A waterproof liner. And a flushable liner.

They offer a handy starter kit, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw the box!

They also suggest using cloth liners, instead of the flushable. Which is what I'm going to be doing. I've got the liners from my Sweet Baby Dolls, that I will use for our trial run. If I decide these are "the diapers" then I'm going to use regular old Gerber cloth diapers. I was hesitant to try them, because they aren't one size. But, since you don't need to change the entire diaper and just change the liner, I won't need to invest in as many of the expensive part (the cover). And I'm pretty sure that Z will be potty-trained before he hits 28lbs and needs to move up to the next bigger size!

The trial run gdiapers are in the wash now. I can't wait to try them out tomorrow!

14 August 2009


I finally got a picture of the boys together. We went to the park the other day with Tiffaney and her kids. She had brought her camera along, so when the boys both started playing on her stroller I asked if I could borrow it to get a picture of the boys.

Thanks Tiffaney!


A little while back Michele at Raising a Princess posted a blog and introduced me to babySTEALS.com. I quickly signed up for their daily e-mail notification.

For the most part I haven't seen many things that I want. Or can afford. Yes, 70% off the greatest looking diaper bag is a good steal. But it was 70% off $230.00! Still cost over $70.00 (and luckily for M they were sold out of the only 'boy' print because I was actually determined to convince him I needed the great, gorgeous bag).

And then the other day, there was a steal I couldn't pass up. Brainy Baby: Left Brain, Right Brain DVDs. Originally $35.99, but the days steal was $17.95. So I ordered them. And today I received my first steal in the mail! And in addition to the steal, there is a birthday celebration going on, so I got a coupon for another FREE DVD from Brainy Baby!

I can't wait for G&Z to officially become Brainy Babes!

No Fear

Last night after tucking G into bed, I race back into the living room knowing that the computer was accessible to Z, who was still in the living room. Instead of getting the computer, he had decided it was the perfect opportunity to climb into his little rocking chair, stand up, and rock back and forth.

He informed me that it really was a lot of fun. Even if Mommy doesn't think he should do it ever again.

13 August 2009

I'm In Love. And Its Sirius

I was asked on the post 'Almost Standing' if we had more than one radio station here. And the answer is no, we have one radio station. And its Canadian.

Or that was the answer. Two weeks ago M bought a Sirius radio and when it came in last week he bought me one while he was activating his! I now can listen to any genre of music I want to. At any time! I can listen to the news. And not have it all about Canada. I can hear the weather. And not have to try and figure out exactly what 19 Celsius is in Fahrenheit. I don't have to sit one certian way on the couch or loveseat to not interfere with reception. I can forget to turn the TV off after the boys watch a DVD and not have it make the radio static. I even get talk shows. Like Martha Stewart! Did you know she had a satellite radio station?!

I'm in love. And its very Sirius.