01 August 2009

Lazy Saturday

M had to work today, so after my usual neurotic morning rituals the boys and I had a lazy day. I read a book while they played on the floor. They watched a 'Little Peoples' DVD while I showered and dressed. And that was about the most of our day! After they woke up from their afternoon nap I decided we'd go for a walk, pick up the mail, and stop by the park. It had warmed up significantly by the time we got to the park, so after a short swing ride, and a few pictures we headed home.

Only to be stopped as we passed a friend's house. Her children saw us walking down the road and all ran outside shouting "Hello!". Zach, her son, came running down the driveway shouting "LET ME SAY HELLO TO THE BOYS!". And so, the boys and I stopped and chatted until her husband got home from work.

Tiffaney and I have really hit it off. Our husbands work together, and they have 4 young children. Her youngest, Leah, is a month older than our midgetmen. The boys are slightly aggressive with her. I suppose they're used to being able to tackle each other, steal each other's toys, and run over each other with only a little "be careful" from mommy every now and then. Poor Leah has indeed been tackled, and had her toys stolen from her. G loves her though because she feeds him puffs. G loves anybody who shares food with him! And Z loves her really cool, fun toys, that are so much more interesting than his! And they both love the attention bestowed upon them by the older children Madison, Hailey, and Zach. Every time we see them is a happy day for both I, and midgetmen.

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