13 August 2009

I'm In Love. And Its Sirius

I was asked on the post 'Almost Standing' if we had more than one radio station here. And the answer is no, we have one radio station. And its Canadian.

Or that was the answer. Two weeks ago M bought a Sirius radio and when it came in last week he bought me one while he was activating his! I now can listen to any genre of music I want to. At any time! I can listen to the news. And not have it all about Canada. I can hear the weather. And not have to try and figure out exactly what 19 Celsius is in Fahrenheit. I don't have to sit one certian way on the couch or loveseat to not interfere with reception. I can forget to turn the TV off after the boys watch a DVD and not have it make the radio static. I even get talk shows. Like Martha Stewart! Did you know she had a satellite radio station?!

I'm in love. And its very Sirius.

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