10 August 2009

Dear Z

Dear, darling, sweet Z,

I am sorry to say that after your antics this morning, you will no longer be monitored while you are in your crib. Mommy was very distressed to find that not only had you ripped the cable holder off of the wall, along with a nice chunk of paint, that at some point before I came and got you up for the morning, you had also tangled your precious self all up in the yards of cable.

With that being said, Mommy has taken your video camera down. And she can no longer watch you while you're supposed to be sleeping, but aren't.

Maybe you knew that this would be the results? Maybe, just maybe, you don't want Mommy to know that you really don't sleep as much as she'd like to believe you do. Maybe this was just all part of your plan.

In any case, you are now free to jump in your crib, peek out the window, and throw your pacifiers and toys across the room, to your little hearts content without Mommy or Daddy having any knowledge.

hugs and kisses, mommy

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