26 January 2010

Officially - A Big Boy!

Z's big boy car seat arrived today! He is OFFICIALLY a big boy. He was so excited to climb in it and let me adjust the straps. I do believe I could have left him in there to watch cartoons all afternoon. G was very excited as well and didn't want to miss out on the action.

Not to steal Z's thunder... but OMG, look at that G boy's tummy!

25 January 2010

Baby, Its Cold... Inside

This morning we woke up to no electric. It had been going on and off for a few hours, and then went off permanently around 7:30AM. Which means, we had no heat. It wasn't too bad at first. A little chilly, but not horrible. So I put the boys puffer vest on over their jammies. When I put them in their highchairs for breakfast I noticed that their ears were a little cold. So after breakfast, we added a hat.

But then the house kept cooling down. A 109-year old house does NOT keep its heat very well. So we added the fleece lining of their snowsuit to their outfit.

They were toasty warm, sweating even, until the heat came on 3 hours later!

22 January 2010

Feeling Better

The stomach flu hit us earlier this week. Thankfully, the boys didn't get the throwing up. They were just effected at the other end, if you know what I mean.

After a sleepless night, one achy miserable day, and another day in which I felt better but still didn't dare to eat, I determined that M and I were completely better when something finally sounded good to eat. And I made a chocolate cake at 10:30 at night. Because I knew I would be able to stomach it.

It is the ugliest cake you have ever seen in your life, but hey, what do you expect at 10:30PM?

17 January 2010

It Works!

I finally got the uploader to work!

Where Does Time Go?

I realize that I have been doing very poorly at keeping this updated. I'm not sure where time seems to go lately. And it isn't that I don't have a chance to get online, I just never seem inspired to write when I sit down in front of here.

Let me think, as for updates on our precious boys...

Z recently popped his first three molars, and 3 eye teeth. All on the same day. Bless his tiny little heart, I didn't even know he was teething. He has been a little bit whiny, but nothing close to what he normally is while teething.

He is now a running, dancing, twirling machine. Constantly in motion. I love to watch him dance. He waves his arms, and bounces up and down. If he's really into he'll twirl around in circles until he falls over. Another new development is when he's super excited he walks on his tip-toes. He's also started walking backwards.

No real words yet other than Da-Da occasionally, and Mmmmmmmmommmmmmm-mmmmommmmm when he's extremely upset about something. I think he's said "Bubba" a few times as well. He babbles constantly though, and I definitely think that he and G have their own special language between each other.

I just ordered his big boy car seat yesterday. Its now time to get him out of his infant carrier, and forward facing. I know that he's going to be very excited once its here and installed in the Jeep.

And moving on to G. He recently got his final eye tooth. I'm thinking we may be done with teething for awhile for him. He now has 16 teeth! He's always been a good teether, and like usual I didn't know his last few were coming through until they were there. And some of them had been there for awhile.

He is also constantly in motion. He doesn't twirl like Z does, but he does climb more. He'll climb on anything available if it helps him out. Recently Roscoe's face has been the step stool of choice to try and climb onto the couch.

He 'talks' constantly, though he doesn't say many words yet. I do think he's said "don't", "all done", and "what's that" a few times. He has a little phone that he carries around at least 25% of the day talking on it. No doubt he'll be my social butterfly. He also loves to 'read' all his books out loud to whoever will listen. And will only listen to me reading for three pages, then he must take the book and read it by himself.

G also recently learned how to "share". And if asked to share, he will hand you whatever he has. Unless he's not supposed to have it, and then he runs away as fast and far as he can.

They are both fantastic eaters and will eat whatever we are having. There are a few things that seem to bother them (orange juice and pepperoni), but other than that they'll eat anything. New things that we've tried recently are fruit loops(they say "yum!"), and their new addiction (thank you Daddy), sour cream and onion chips. I switched them over to milk after their birthday, and after a few painful days realized that the milk must have been bothering G, so he is now on soy. I don't know HOW he does it, because it makes my stomach churn. They're also eating more and more things without me having to cut it up. Learning to use a fork/spoon is still going slowly. They usually end up holding the fork in one hand and eating with the other. G has taken a couple bites with his fork, but not many. I've also attempted to get them to eat off of a plate, but that usually doesn't go to well either. Z instantly dumps it into his lap. And G will eat about half of his meal, then dump it. We did have success a few days ago and G ate all but one bite off of a plate! I also packed up their bottles last week. We are completely bottle-free. I have to say it was the easiest transition ever. One of those things that you don't realize you've done until its done. I was emptying the dishwasher last week and realized that there had only been one set of bottles washed in two weeks. And figured that we might as well just pack them up.

They interact wonderfully with each other. I love to see them playing together, and my favorite is when they just sit together and snuggle. A few weeks ago they were watching cartoons, G was sitting in their little rocking chair, and Z was on the floor in front of him with his head leaning back on G's leg. Of course by the time I got my camera Z was sitting up. Also, last night Z tripped, fell on his face, and started crying. G ran over and patted Z's head, and when that didn't help he hugged Z. Which didn't help either, but he was trying.

The bond they have is something special. And while they do have their moments of hair pulling, screaming and kicking at each other (have I mentioned that they both have tempers?), the hugs and giggles more than make up for it. I am so proud to be these little boys' mom.

In other news, we have Roscoe back. He was being a meany towards the other dogs at his new home, and was caught with one of the little weiner dogs in his mouth, pinning him to the floor, over a bowl of food. We decided that we could take him back since we have a larger house now. Its gone pretty good so far. Bubba and him still get pretty hyper at times, and have occasionally knocked one of the boys over. I've threatened to send them both to Canada a few times as well. Its nice to have him back though. I did miss my pup.

I was going to add some pictures to this already very long blog, but the uploader isn't workin for me, so I will attempt them later.