30 April 2010

Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

But your dog can teach your children new things...

Like eating rice off the floor JUST like Bubba!

25 April 2010

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Somehow yesterday I ended up washing down the walls in the dining room. It wasn't something on my to-do list to get accomplished. I hadn't been planning or thinking about washing the walls (ever). And yet, there I was with a bucket and rag scrubbing walls from bottom to top. Z was having a hard time with the thought that Mommy wasn't going to be playing with or holding him, and I decided to give him a little rag of his own. I wet it down with some water and showed him on the fridge how to go "scrub, scrub scrub". He gleefully grabbed the rag out of my hand and started running around the house. He'd rub his rag on every random object he saw and would go "sccu, sccu, sccu".

Helping mommy scrub the walls.

Roscoe looked a little dirty too

My happy little helper

Why, Of Course!

Mommy's bum IS the best pillow to use while watching cartoons!

Officially NoDaks

A few weeks ago we had our first picnic at the park with friends.

You know you're officially a North Dakotan when you have a picnic and its only 36 degrees out!

I was too busy chasing the boys at the park to actually get any pictures of them playing. But they are very excited that they have learned to climb ladders. Ladders to the slides. Ladders to the monkey bars. Ladders to no where. Climb, climb, climb!

Neglected, again.

I have neglected my poor blog again. It isn't that I can't find time to write. Goodness knows I spend enough of my day in front of the computer. It just that I can't seem to form my thoughts into words lately. And when I do - well, lets just say it is less than poetic and isn't to be shared with the world.

Both boys are starting to say more distinct words. I find it incredibly amusing that neither of them show any sign of recognition when I ask them about eyes, ears or nose. But they can proudly say socks, shoes and as of today shirt. And know exactly what they mean. Ahhh, they are my children! They know whats important in life!

Last week they had their 18-month check up. We didn't get to see how tall they were because they wouldn't hold still long enough to measure them. I'm thinking of doing it one night while their sleeping. G now weighs 24lbs and Z weighs 21lbs. Both boys are right on track developmentally, being leaps and bounds ahead on their physical development.

Z has started jumping. Off the floor. And forward about 1 1/2 feet. He's so adorable bouncing through the house going "jju" "jju". G tries very hard to jump. Very, very hard. He finds it isn't easy to get that big tummy to cooperate and it weighs him down.

Last week we took away the pacifiers. It hasn't been the easiest. They're still crying when they go to bed. But, I'm hoping soon they'll forget all about them and the brokenhearted sobbing will stop.

As the boys grow, we go through stages. There was the newborn oh-so-hard stage. And then they got a bit bigger and it was easier. Then 6-months came and they were sleeping through the night. And it was easy-peasy. Then they became mobile. Around a year it seemed to get easier. And now at 18-months we've hit a hard patch again. They are so active. Constantly in motion. Add to that the fact that they've discovered their will. And along with it a temper.

They've started fighting with each other. Some fights are truly amusing to watch. The battle cry scream that leads to hitting, pushing, chasing each other. And then the pathetic fights. Where one just gives up in despair and either sits his bum down and sobs. Or stomps around the house screaming. As a mother - I admit I don't know how to handle these. Its usually over a toy. Of which there is only one. I've tried taking away the toy. Which just leads to more tears and screaming. Along with them trying to climb up my legs. And evil glares should I chose to pick up one boy over the other.

Thankfully, not all moments are so trying. The hugs and kisses. The look on their face when they discover something new. How sweet they are sleeping peacefully in their cribs...

11 April 2010

Look At Us

Look at how our midgetmen have grown!

And 1 year later those sweet precious babies have turned into this!

Save Me!

I do believe I am going to need ear plugs soon.

The boys have screamed like this on and off the entire day. Aggghhhhhhhhh!!!!

08 April 2010

Updates Coming Soon

I know I have been slacking off on here lately. I promise that updates will be coming very soon!