31 May 2009


The boys have been all smiles and giggles the past week. It makes our life so much easier! Here are some peeks into our life over the last couple days.

29 May 2009

More Than I Bargained For

I have got into the habit of taking the boys on another walk after supper and baths every night. Gets some fresh air in their lungs (which HOPEFULLY tires them out...) and I get exercise. I made my usual round and as I passed the park I noticed there were 2 women there with a bunch of kids. When I came back they were still there, so I decided to stop.

Well, it was my dear little park buddies' Mommy and their twin brothers, along with my park buddies (minus one who was a church camp). And her sister with her 2 kids. One of who was a twin as well, but the other twin died of SIDS at 7 months (horrifying story to hear when you have 7 month old babies).

We're sitting talking, playing with our babies. And out of the corner of my eye I see the little girl (park buddy who will be this many, holding up two fingers and using her other hand to push up a third, tomorrow) fall of the picnic table bench. Her mom "B" sees it at the same time, and I think we both realized at that moment that she was convulsing.

They rushed her down to the hospital, and it is believed that she had a seizure. I went down there to help watch the kids (after running through half of C to find that dad who was already at the hospital when I got back). She was slowly regaining consciousness, but had a high fever, a crazy heart rate and blood pressure that I believe was 30 over 97. They airlifted her to Minot shortly before 9 tonight.

To see that little girl laying face first on the ground, uncontrollably jerking made my heart stop. To see the panic in the mother's eyes, and hear it in her voice. It all hit harder than before. Someday, someday that could be me. It could be one of my boys. What would I do?

To add to the whole overwhelming, emotional experience - it has been almost exactly 2 years since "C's" boy died. And he was placed in exactly the same hospital room that "A" was. She also ran her child to the hospital as "B" did. To see the torment going through her as she watched her sister... it was heart wrenching. We stood on the sidewalk together, "C" and I. And we cried. Tears of relief that "A" was coming out of it. And tears of pain from having to relive such a tragic experience.

25 May 2009

Even Better!

I hate to say anything. I may just be jinxing myself. The boys slept without a peep from sometime between 7 and 7:30 last night to 5:00 this morning. And then, G had just rolled over on to his tummy into the corner of the crib and was, for lack of a better term, stuck. I pulled him out of the corner, rolled him over, and he slept for another hour. Yes, that is TWO entire nights of sleep in a row!

Oh do I feel good.


After baths and bottles the boys sat on the couch with Daddy snuggling. Mommy of course could have snuggled, but felt it necessary to run and get the camera!

It was a moment when you could (almost) forget about how l.o.n.g the day felt. You could (almost) forget about all the screaming. You could (almost) forget about how ready you were for bedtime. Almost.

24 May 2009

Boy Fix

Sleep! Glorious Sleep!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. First off, after I got up at 5:30 to give Z his bottle, M got up with G. And I stayed in bed until 8:30. It was amazing. I had energy when I woke up! We even went across the street to the cafe for breakfast. Which was delicious.

The weather here has been beautiful. And the lack of wind for the past two days was almost mind blowing (it is back today, do not worry). M and I took the boys to the park yesterday. It was the first time since we moved that the boys did NOT wear a jacket when we went out. Incredible huh?! It was hot (a whole 68 degrees!), and the mosquito's were horrible. These mosquito's are seriously something else. They are big. And mean. It actually stings when they poke their sucker into your skin. We didn't spend long at the park.

They were exhausted last night and had their bedtime bottle a little before 7. Z fell asleep a mere 4 ounces into his bottle, and M tucked him into bed. G drained his bottle, and played for a few minutes before deciding he had to go to bed as well. I kissed G goodnight, told him I wouldn't see him to 6 the next morning (he grinned), and M tucked him into bed as well. There was no crying. No whimpering. Not a peep out of them. Until 4:57am. And then it was Z. Yes, Z woke up first. I got him to sleep for another 20 minutes, and then he was ready for a bottle. G didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning. And then they didn't get up until 8:30. It was just almost, maybe, a little bit like sleeping in.

I'm thinking maybe Daddy needs to put them to bed every night!

21 May 2009

Forgetful Mommy... Poor Babies

Yesterday we had an appointment to get formula checks. Well, I completely forgot that they would also be getting their 6-month shots as well. We get to the appointment, and I'm informed that they'll be getting shots. Oh no. No tylonel. And of course they hadn't had any recently. They were troopers though. My big boys only cried with the needle jabbed them. One, two, three times. And then as soon as Mommy picked them up they were perfectly happy and content.

And then we enjoyed a nice little stroll around town.

Today, though. Today we have miserable, cranky babies. Tylonel just is not doing it for them this time. Thankfully M was home all morning so I wasn't on my own for the entire day!

19 May 2009

Bedtime Stories

And G even feeds himself some times. He's so happy to have learned this! Not that I've seen him try to do it since... he was thrilled that night at least, otherwise he would have had to wait for Z to finish his bottle. "No good" he said. "No. Good"

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a... bear???

Oh no! It was a G!

Z isn't exactly fuzzy wuzzy... but he's awfully cute!

Skinny Boy

You know that ackward stage when one size is too small and the other is too big? Well Skinny Z showed Mommy that his pants REALLY are too big. And crawled right out of them!

He was happy as he didn't have to wear pants for the rest of the day!

Look At Them Guns

Who knew he was going to the gym when mommy wasn't paying attention?!

18 May 2009

7 Months Already?!

Yes, our darling boys are SEVEN big whole months already! I don't know where time has gone. I am under the impression that lack of sleep (for said seven months) makes the past seem hazy.

I love these little boys more and more every day. And even MORE on the days that aren't spent screaming their little hearts out =)

Tomorrow we have G's appointment in Bismark for his head. I'm excited to see the southern part of the state.

I have a few pictures to upload, but I've already packed the camera for tomorrow's trip. I will upload them soon!

13 May 2009


When the boys laid down for their afternoon nap, I ran and took a shower. When I got out of the shower. Wow.

And let me assure you. These are not just your plain, old regular snowflakes. These are snowballs. They are big. And a lot of them. And trust me, my shower wasn't THAT long! I guess we won't be going for our walk today. That makes day two. Yesterday we had thunderstorms.

On a happier note, I unpacked an additional five boxes today. So, yes, maybe 4 of them were shoes. But they're unpacked now! I keep trying to figure out why I need all these shoes. I sit down in front of them and go "I will get rid of you, and you, and you". Five minutes later I'm adding them back into the keep pile. I have one pair of shoes that I seriously have attempted to throw out for going on 4 years. Yet, there they still are. They were with me when I got married. I attempted to throw them out while we were living at Ft. Drum. They moved to Florida. I attempted many times to throw them out there. And here they are in North Dakota. Almost feels like I should give up trying to throw them out. I do still wear them, its not like they just sit around.

And another happy note. The boys are going on 2 hours of napping! WooHoooo! Yes I know I just jinxed myself and they will be awake in 30 seconds....


Z is on the move. Not a complete knees under him crawl. Yet. He's getting there though! I was able to get a picture of his "crawl" yesterday. He gets up on his toes (as pictured) and then pushes himself as far forward as he can. Then plops on his face most of the time. Doesn't seem to bother him in the least, and he can ZOOM around the room.

In fact, yesterday afternoon it was nap time and I took G back to the bedroom. After I got him tucked in I was walking down the hall and I hear "I am a gummy bear..." Z had moved across the entire living room and some how was able to get the video to replay on my laptop which was sitting on the floor from our previous 20 minute viewing session of The Gummy Bear (in 4 languages) to make it to nap time.

Silly Boys

G was being a fussy pot. Until M picked him up. And then all of the sudden the world was a better place. He's learning exactly how to get what he wants out of us. Ohhh, the little stinker.

And then there is Z. Darling, little Z. He was playing on the floor and pulled himself over to the carseats. Then he kept smacking at the seat with his hand and crying. M picked him up and plopped him in the seat. Sure enough! That is what he wanted. We gave him his steering wheel and he was as happy as can be. And sat there playing for close to 15 minutes.
Its his new thing. He smacks what he wants. If I'm sitting on the floor and he wants to sit in my lap, he'll crawl over, smack my leg, and cry. Again, darling little boy figuring out how to get what he wants out of us. Yay!

Carmelle from Stonyfield

Hello Carmelle! I hope you see this post in response to the comment you left on my YoBaby! YoMessy! post.

First, let me say that I was beyond delighted and tickled pink that some one from Stonyfield would have actually read my blog AND left a comment! I told M about it right away. I seriously could have jumped up and down I was so excited.

Secondly, YoBaby was far from a bust! The boys LOVE it, and unfortunately have ate all of it. Our local grocery store does not carry it, so we'll only be able to get it when we go to the "Big City". And I'm not sure when that will be.

I found that if I mixed a little bit of mashed bananas in with the yogurt it made it easier to feed them, and a lot less messy. We even tried YoBaby, rice cereal, and bananas mixed together for a "fruit parfait". They loved that as well! And totally eliminated the mess for Mommy!

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I shall forever feel famous because of it (insert smiley face here). - A

11 May 2009


Today is an absolute GORGEOUS day out! I knew it was going to be when I took the dogs out this morning and it was already in the 50s, yet not even 9:00am.

I had such a productive morning! I was able to vacuum, mop, dust everything in the house. As well as clean a few windows and blinds. Plus laundry. On top of getting a shower AND painting my toenails. It was surreal. Almost as if I didn't have two little boys to take care of. Which, I did as well of course!

At lunch I left the boys in their chairs so I could eat (yes, I even got LUNCH today!). I gave them a bunch of toys and away they played. Z took G's very favorite blue butterfly. And then G stole it back. After G got his very favorite blue butterfly back he sat in the very furthest corner of his chair from Z, leaned over the edge of the chair to be even FURTHER away and refused to look towards Z or me. Z sat there crying his little heart out.

After their afternoon nap, we walked down to the post office. On our way home we stopped in the park. That was when I noticed that some where between the grocery store and the park Z had lost a sock. I was already intent on getting the boys in the swings so I decided we could do without a sock.
Both boys LOVED to swing. Their smiles and giggles were beyond adorable. And they also sat on the grass for the first time. G pulled it out of the ground by handfuls. Fist full after fist full of grass came flying up from the ground as he sat there delighted with his "new trick".