29 May 2009

More Than I Bargained For

I have got into the habit of taking the boys on another walk after supper and baths every night. Gets some fresh air in their lungs (which HOPEFULLY tires them out...) and I get exercise. I made my usual round and as I passed the park I noticed there were 2 women there with a bunch of kids. When I came back they were still there, so I decided to stop.

Well, it was my dear little park buddies' Mommy and their twin brothers, along with my park buddies (minus one who was a church camp). And her sister with her 2 kids. One of who was a twin as well, but the other twin died of SIDS at 7 months (horrifying story to hear when you have 7 month old babies).

We're sitting talking, playing with our babies. And out of the corner of my eye I see the little girl (park buddy who will be this many, holding up two fingers and using her other hand to push up a third, tomorrow) fall of the picnic table bench. Her mom "B" sees it at the same time, and I think we both realized at that moment that she was convulsing.

They rushed her down to the hospital, and it is believed that she had a seizure. I went down there to help watch the kids (after running through half of C to find that dad who was already at the hospital when I got back). She was slowly regaining consciousness, but had a high fever, a crazy heart rate and blood pressure that I believe was 30 over 97. They airlifted her to Minot shortly before 9 tonight.

To see that little girl laying face first on the ground, uncontrollably jerking made my heart stop. To see the panic in the mother's eyes, and hear it in her voice. It all hit harder than before. Someday, someday that could be me. It could be one of my boys. What would I do?

To add to the whole overwhelming, emotional experience - it has been almost exactly 2 years since "C's" boy died. And he was placed in exactly the same hospital room that "A" was. She also ran her child to the hospital as "B" did. To see the torment going through her as she watched her sister... it was heart wrenching. We stood on the sidewalk together, "C" and I. And we cried. Tears of relief that "A" was coming out of it. And tears of pain from having to relive such a tragic experience.

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