30 July 2010


I recently got some clothes in a never before tried brand for the boys.  And, OMG am I in love.  It is the softest, silkiest cotton you have ever felt.  The quality of the clothes are beyond amazing (even with the ones I bought being used) and even though they're more pricey than what I normally buy, I have to say they are completely worth it.  Naartjie definitely gets a thumbs up from this Mommy!

Now the shirts are, of course, too big for our little shrimp-y boys.  But the shirts have matching beanies.  And upon discovering the beanies, while scaling up the desk and pulling all the clothes out of the shipping box, two little boys insisted they MUST wear beanies.

(I really wish I had noticed the peanut butter on G's face before taking these pictures!  I had cleaned them up from lunch, and then he ran and found all the sandwhich he had thrown during lunch and ate them off the floor)

They have wore the beanies for at least 5 minutes a day since getting them on Monday!  I can't wait until the grow into the shirts as well!

26 July 2010


A wonderful former co-worker of mine recently sent me an e-mail saying she had a huge box of outgrown clothes from her sons, and would I like it if she mailed them to me.  I eagerly replied and said I'd love them, amazed and touched that she thought of us, and her generosity (I offered to pay shipping, but she wouldn't even let me do that).  We received the box last week.  It sat in the back of the Jeep for a few days, and then it moved to the garage floor.  I was FINALLY able to get to it today.  And there inside with a HUGE pile of clothes were shoes.

Now if there was ever any doubt that these boys were not mine.  Their love of shoes would complete put your fears to rest.  The second they saw the shoes, they had to HAVE the shoes.  And WEAR the shoes.

and this is further more proof that they are indeed my children.

ahh that last picture... it makes me so happy!  I love to see my babes make neat little straight lines of their belongings!

Thank you Sarah for the box of clothes and shoes.  You have totally made the boys' day!  And, I assure you they will get plenty of use in this household!

22 July 2010

Baby Beethoven?

Well, not quite. But they sure are a lot cuter than Beethoven!

(Z was so fasinated to watch G through the video camera... you can hear him jabbering on about the whole time)

16 July 2010


Mommy very bravely took two little boys swimming last week!

11 July 2010

freebie fabulous!

this is a delightful stroller I am trying to win. 5 free entries just for placing this on my blog!

03 July 2010

Thank Heavens

The cleaning crew showed up this morning! It certainly was starting to get dusty around here.

As you can see the boys are getting bigger and changing every day. They love to be involved in almost everything I'm doing and are cute even if they aren't quite helpful!