30 July 2010


I recently got some clothes in a never before tried brand for the boys.  And, OMG am I in love.  It is the softest, silkiest cotton you have ever felt.  The quality of the clothes are beyond amazing (even with the ones I bought being used) and even though they're more pricey than what I normally buy, I have to say they are completely worth it.  Naartjie definitely gets a thumbs up from this Mommy!

Now the shirts are, of course, too big for our little shrimp-y boys.  But the shirts have matching beanies.  And upon discovering the beanies, while scaling up the desk and pulling all the clothes out of the shipping box, two little boys insisted they MUST wear beanies.

(I really wish I had noticed the peanut butter on G's face before taking these pictures!  I had cleaned them up from lunch, and then he ran and found all the sandwhich he had thrown during lunch and ate them off the floor)

They have wore the beanies for at least 5 minutes a day since getting them on Monday!  I can't wait until the grow into the shirts as well!

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