28 January 2009

Couldn't Have Been Better

Today was an AMAZING day. It started last night. G&Z were in bed before 9:30. G went to sleep with NO screaming. That is no mind numbing, hair pulling, mommy wanting to cry, screaming. And he slept until 6:50 this morning! He was the most adorable, charming little boy when I went in the nursery to get him. As soon as he saw me his cries stopped and he started smiling. Big, toothless, heart melting grins. Z woke up at 7:30 and things went smoothly from there. G took 2 long naps (which required no screaming as well) and spent most of his awake time talking, cooing and smiling. They are both so close to laughing. Each of them have a distinct giggle/half laugh but it isn't quite a laugh yet.

G had a bath again tonight because he's been so drooly that I couldn't put him to bed covered in spit. Plus he's been spitting up worse since he started teething. Mainly its just spit but with a little formula mixed in. After his bath he had a big bottle and went to bed with barely a squeak.

Z did not get a bath tonight because he was sleeping after G's was finished. He woke up shortly after G was tucked into bed and charmed mommy with his smiles and stories. He had a few problems going to bed. Cried and cried. So unlike him. After a good burp and a few more cries he also drifted off to sleep.

I am so relieved to have a good day. I've needed this!

27 January 2009

G and Z

3-month(ish) Update

The boys had their shots last week. A little late, but it was nice because they were re-weighed and I was able to see how much they had grown in 2 weeks. G has gained an entire POUND since his previous appointment and is now 12 lb 12 oz. Z gained 12 ounces and is 11 lb 12 ounces. I am amazed at how fast they are growing and big they are getting. I just can't believe these are my itty-bitties!!!

The nurse told me that it sounds like G is starting to teeth which is why he maybe a little on the grouchy side. Well, he really is on the grouchy side but I'm trying to be nice. I've had to deal with many screaming fits and many moments when I think I have NO idea what to do with him or how to make him happy.

I think Z isn't too far behind G and also starting to teeth. The drool, the chewing, the fussiness. All times two. What fun I'm going to have!

23 January 2009

So Close

The boys have been getting more and more tummy time. They both HATE it and cry/scream the entire time though. G is getting SO close to rolling over on to his back! Z is trying to as well, but not nearly as hard as G is. I can't believe what big boys they're turning into already.

G's Tummy Time

20 January 2009

Getting Better

Well, this morning started out better. G was much more content. And Z was his happy self. This afternoon wasn't so great. G decided to be needy again. I held him for close to 2 hours while he slept. I tried laying him in the crib for a nap.... it didn't work. He screamed until I came and got him. The boy was SOUND asleep when I laid him down!

I'm not sure what's going on with him. He's always been a little fussier/clingy-er but the last few days have just been miserable. I was able to get some smiles and coos out of him. Not even close to enough though!

Z has been a little fussier than normal as well. Today he seemed like himself though. All smiles and coos this evening.

Hopefully tomorrow will be even a little better.

18 January 2009


What a hard week. The boys have both been off. G especially. All I hear is screaming and crying whether they are or not, its stuck in my head. Sigh.

15 January 2009

Chilly, Chilly Night

Tonight is a VERY cold night. It was already -10 at 8 pm. Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I bundled up the boys as best I could before tucking them into bed. If they wake up cold in the middle of the night, guess what, so does mommy! They were just too adorable to not take a picture of them!



G and Z:
What you can't see is that under the blanket there are 2 more across both of them. They each have 4 blankets wrapped around them. They are wearing their sleep sacks. Under the sleep sack they are swaddled in another blanket, along with their fleece jammies, long sleeved onesies and socks. They had better sleep good tonight!!!
Both boys were a little off today. Not really sure what is going on with them. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit of a better day. Its hard when both of them just want to be held. By the time I have one quieted and am able to lay him down, the other one is crying. Needless to say I don't feel like I accomplished much today.
I did make supper tonight. It was nice to be back in the kitchen. Its one of the things I miss. And it was a nice break from taking care of the boys. God bless mom for feeding G for me!

14 January 2009

They're Big Boys!

They are both some what sleeping through the night! I'm so excited about it. Z has been for 3-4 weeks now and G is just now catching on. G still wakes up earlier than Z does every morning, but he is sleeping for 7-8 hour stretches.

The boys had their 2-month appointment last week. It was a little late because of the move, holidays, and changing insurances so they were actually a day away from being 12 weeks old. I couldn't believe how much they've grown! I knew that they were both bigger, but wow! G is 23" long and weighs 11lb 12oz. Z is the same length but weighs in at 11lb even. They are both doing wonderful and developing perfectly. They were supposed to have their shots but G still had a little bit of his cold hanging on so they are scheduled for next week. Oh the poor babies, they have no idea what's in store for them.

And I'm off for hopefully another full night of sleep. I could really get used to this again!

13 January 2009


He's M and I'm A. We are the proud parents of G and Z. Our adorable, darling, completely mind boggling, mysterious twin boys. Here is our journey as a family. The ups and downs, the joys and hardships.

Currently M is in Georgia and I'm in New York. Shortly after the boys were born M accepted a job offer that required him to be in training for 5 months.

We are both eagerly awaiting April when we will be together as a family once again.

Welcome to our life! A world full of sleepless nights and poopy diapers; not long enough naps and formula stains. A world where it is all worth it for those first smiles, and first coos. The moments that make your heart melt and you fall in love all over again.