15 January 2009

Chilly, Chilly Night

Tonight is a VERY cold night. It was already -10 at 8 pm. Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I bundled up the boys as best I could before tucking them into bed. If they wake up cold in the middle of the night, guess what, so does mommy! They were just too adorable to not take a picture of them!



G and Z:
What you can't see is that under the blanket there are 2 more across both of them. They each have 4 blankets wrapped around them. They are wearing their sleep sacks. Under the sleep sack they are swaddled in another blanket, along with their fleece jammies, long sleeved onesies and socks. They had better sleep good tonight!!!
Both boys were a little off today. Not really sure what is going on with them. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit of a better day. Its hard when both of them just want to be held. By the time I have one quieted and am able to lay him down, the other one is crying. Needless to say I don't feel like I accomplished much today.
I did make supper tonight. It was nice to be back in the kitchen. Its one of the things I miss. And it was a nice break from taking care of the boys. God bless mom for feeding G for me!

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