14 January 2009

They're Big Boys!

They are both some what sleeping through the night! I'm so excited about it. Z has been for 3-4 weeks now and G is just now catching on. G still wakes up earlier than Z does every morning, but he is sleeping for 7-8 hour stretches.

The boys had their 2-month appointment last week. It was a little late because of the move, holidays, and changing insurances so they were actually a day away from being 12 weeks old. I couldn't believe how much they've grown! I knew that they were both bigger, but wow! G is 23" long and weighs 11lb 12oz. Z is the same length but weighs in at 11lb even. They are both doing wonderful and developing perfectly. They were supposed to have their shots but G still had a little bit of his cold hanging on so they are scheduled for next week. Oh the poor babies, they have no idea what's in store for them.

And I'm off for hopefully another full night of sleep. I could really get used to this again!

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