28 January 2009

Couldn't Have Been Better

Today was an AMAZING day. It started last night. G&Z were in bed before 9:30. G went to sleep with NO screaming. That is no mind numbing, hair pulling, mommy wanting to cry, screaming. And he slept until 6:50 this morning! He was the most adorable, charming little boy when I went in the nursery to get him. As soon as he saw me his cries stopped and he started smiling. Big, toothless, heart melting grins. Z woke up at 7:30 and things went smoothly from there. G took 2 long naps (which required no screaming as well) and spent most of his awake time talking, cooing and smiling. They are both so close to laughing. Each of them have a distinct giggle/half laugh but it isn't quite a laugh yet.

G had a bath again tonight because he's been so drooly that I couldn't put him to bed covered in spit. Plus he's been spitting up worse since he started teething. Mainly its just spit but with a little formula mixed in. After his bath he had a big bottle and went to bed with barely a squeak.

Z did not get a bath tonight because he was sleeping after G's was finished. He woke up shortly after G was tucked into bed and charmed mommy with his smiles and stories. He had a few problems going to bed. Cried and cried. So unlike him. After a good burp and a few more cries he also drifted off to sleep.

I am so relieved to have a good day. I've needed this!

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