27 January 2009

3-month(ish) Update

The boys had their shots last week. A little late, but it was nice because they were re-weighed and I was able to see how much they had grown in 2 weeks. G has gained an entire POUND since his previous appointment and is now 12 lb 12 oz. Z gained 12 ounces and is 11 lb 12 ounces. I am amazed at how fast they are growing and big they are getting. I just can't believe these are my itty-bitties!!!

The nurse told me that it sounds like G is starting to teeth which is why he maybe a little on the grouchy side. Well, he really is on the grouchy side but I'm trying to be nice. I've had to deal with many screaming fits and many moments when I think I have NO idea what to do with him or how to make him happy.

I think Z isn't too far behind G and also starting to teeth. The drool, the chewing, the fussiness. All times two. What fun I'm going to have!

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