12 September 2010

Fall Begins

Here in lovely North Dakota, its definitely turning to fall.  You can smell it in the air.  You can certainly feel it as well.  Without fail I'm ready for apple pie, pumpkins, beef stew, piles of brilliantly colored leaves, and big cuddly sweaters.  The epitome of autumn (my favorite season) in my mind.

Last weekend we had, what I'm guessing to be, one of the last picnics of the year with our 'canada friends'.  Crackers and cheese, cut up veggies, and juice boxes never tasted quite so good as when shared with my little boys, a good friend, and her two boys.

All Boy

Yesterday morning when the boys got up, I decided for a special treat we would watch cartoons in the living room.  When I turned on the TV, there was an off-road truck race on whatever channel it was we had been watching the night before.  And being the little boys that they are, they insisted that a truck race was SO much better than cartoons!

08 September 2010

Bath Time!

Bathtime has become a fun adventure in our house.  The boys have discovered how to squirt the water out of all their bath toys.  They've discovered they can splash with their hands.  And kick the water extremely far across the room with their feet.  But their favorite part is when I pull the plug...