14 August 2010

Once Again

Once again, my poor blog has been ignored.  Partially due to lack of inspiration to write.  Partially because the things I find inspiration about, I don't feel like the rest of the world would want to read.  I fear I have forgotten the original purpose of my blogging.  Writing has always been an outlet for me.  A way to express my innermost thoughts.  To get the last word of the day out.  Either way I look at it, I'm not doing it anymore.  And I miss it.  So here's to forgetting about who's reading this, and just writing whats on my mind.

Have no fears though.  Most of my world revolves around those little boys.  There will still be many, many updates about them I'm sure!  Including this one even.

August has been flying by for us.  I mean, here we are half way through the month.

A week ago, I had had enough of the boys' long straggly hair.  It was getting in their eyes.  And heaven help us if they decided to put their plates covered in syrup on their head.  M was working a double shift, but I just couldn't wait for a day when he'd be home and could help me cut their hair.  I put them in the booster seats, put the laptop in front of them with "The Gummy Bear Song" playing, and had at it.  Z was first.  And he did really good.  Only a little wiggling.  Once he was finished I gave him a lollipop for doing so awesome.  G saw Z's lollipop and insisted that even though it would get covered by hair, he didn't care and had to have it BEFORE I finished cutting his hair.

A pre-hair cut picture

And post-haircut

the pile of hair afterwards!  (Z's is the darker hair, G the slightly lighter)

And since they did such a good job with the haircut AND the shower afterwards, I let them have supper in the playroom!

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