06 May 2009

Saucer Fun

You know how it is... they're being cute and charming so you grab the camera? And then its like they are frozen in time. You can't get a smile out of them. You can't get them to look at you. You can barely get them to even move.

Well, just know that BEFORE these pictures were taken they were smiling and laughing and showing off their teeth.

And, Disco Ball Saucer (the one G is in). When I bought this saucer (used) it was in great condition, and worked great. I didn't realize until I was home that the "ABC/123" part of it was broken and no longer played. After the move (and two vicious teethers who couldn't keep their mouth of of it) it deteriorated even more, and "bop-a-doo-wah" no longer works with the microphone, but plays randomly at any given time. Along with a new little sing-songy voice saying "Save Me Baby" Yesterday for example the boys and I were taking naps and all the sudden I hear it start singing. For 5 minutes and then I went and turned it off. When I turned it on later in the day, all of the sudden "ABC and 123" was working, on and off.

Last night I decided to pull it apart. 15 screws later, a little cleaning and tweaking, some muscle from M to get it back together, and all but "bopadoowah" microphone works! Even ABC! I'm so proud of myself.

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  1. They could not be more precious!! I am sending a billion hugs & kisses....love you,Ash-Mom