21 May 2009

Forgetful Mommy... Poor Babies

Yesterday we had an appointment to get formula checks. Well, I completely forgot that they would also be getting their 6-month shots as well. We get to the appointment, and I'm informed that they'll be getting shots. Oh no. No tylonel. And of course they hadn't had any recently. They were troopers though. My big boys only cried with the needle jabbed them. One, two, three times. And then as soon as Mommy picked them up they were perfectly happy and content.

And then we enjoyed a nice little stroll around town.

Today, though. Today we have miserable, cranky babies. Tylonel just is not doing it for them this time. Thankfully M was home all morning so I wasn't on my own for the entire day!

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  1. Dear Gavin & Zane-Grammy & Gramps are so sorry to hear you are not feeling good. Shots do not feel good,do they? We are sending you lots of hugs & kisses to make you feel better.Wish we were there! love,grammy