24 May 2009

Sleep! Glorious Sleep!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. First off, after I got up at 5:30 to give Z his bottle, M got up with G. And I stayed in bed until 8:30. It was amazing. I had energy when I woke up! We even went across the street to the cafe for breakfast. Which was delicious.

The weather here has been beautiful. And the lack of wind for the past two days was almost mind blowing (it is back today, do not worry). M and I took the boys to the park yesterday. It was the first time since we moved that the boys did NOT wear a jacket when we went out. Incredible huh?! It was hot (a whole 68 degrees!), and the mosquito's were horrible. These mosquito's are seriously something else. They are big. And mean. It actually stings when they poke their sucker into your skin. We didn't spend long at the park.

They were exhausted last night and had their bedtime bottle a little before 7. Z fell asleep a mere 4 ounces into his bottle, and M tucked him into bed. G drained his bottle, and played for a few minutes before deciding he had to go to bed as well. I kissed G goodnight, told him I wouldn't see him to 6 the next morning (he grinned), and M tucked him into bed as well. There was no crying. No whimpering. Not a peep out of them. Until 4:57am. And then it was Z. Yes, Z woke up first. I got him to sleep for another 20 minutes, and then he was ready for a bottle. G didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning. And then they didn't get up until 8:30. It was just almost, maybe, a little bit like sleeping in.

I'm thinking maybe Daddy needs to put them to bed every night!

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