13 May 2009


Z is on the move. Not a complete knees under him crawl. Yet. He's getting there though! I was able to get a picture of his "crawl" yesterday. He gets up on his toes (as pictured) and then pushes himself as far forward as he can. Then plops on his face most of the time. Doesn't seem to bother him in the least, and he can ZOOM around the room.

In fact, yesterday afternoon it was nap time and I took G back to the bedroom. After I got him tucked in I was walking down the hall and I hear "I am a gummy bear..." Z had moved across the entire living room and some how was able to get the video to replay on my laptop which was sitting on the floor from our previous 20 minute viewing session of The Gummy Bear (in 4 languages) to make it to nap time.

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