13 May 2009

Silly Boys

G was being a fussy pot. Until M picked him up. And then all of the sudden the world was a better place. He's learning exactly how to get what he wants out of us. Ohhh, the little stinker.

And then there is Z. Darling, little Z. He was playing on the floor and pulled himself over to the carseats. Then he kept smacking at the seat with his hand and crying. M picked him up and plopped him in the seat. Sure enough! That is what he wanted. We gave him his steering wheel and he was as happy as can be. And sat there playing for close to 15 minutes.
Its his new thing. He smacks what he wants. If I'm sitting on the floor and he wants to sit in my lap, he'll crawl over, smack my leg, and cry. Again, darling little boy figuring out how to get what he wants out of us. Yay!

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