25 April 2010

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Somehow yesterday I ended up washing down the walls in the dining room. It wasn't something on my to-do list to get accomplished. I hadn't been planning or thinking about washing the walls (ever). And yet, there I was with a bucket and rag scrubbing walls from bottom to top. Z was having a hard time with the thought that Mommy wasn't going to be playing with or holding him, and I decided to give him a little rag of his own. I wet it down with some water and showed him on the fridge how to go "scrub, scrub scrub". He gleefully grabbed the rag out of my hand and started running around the house. He'd rub his rag on every random object he saw and would go "sccu, sccu, sccu".

Helping mommy scrub the walls.

Roscoe looked a little dirty too

My happy little helper

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