25 January 2010

Baby, Its Cold... Inside

This morning we woke up to no electric. It had been going on and off for a few hours, and then went off permanently around 7:30AM. Which means, we had no heat. It wasn't too bad at first. A little chilly, but not horrible. So I put the boys puffer vest on over their jammies. When I put them in their highchairs for breakfast I noticed that their ears were a little cold. So after breakfast, we added a hat.

But then the house kept cooling down. A 109-year old house does NOT keep its heat very well. So we added the fleece lining of their snowsuit to their outfit.

They were toasty warm, sweating even, until the heat came on 3 hours later!


  1. love it! (the progression of pictures.. not you losing your heat, that part sucks!)