10 August 2009


These sons of ours have huge feet. They just grow, and grow and grow. Shortly before we moved to North Dakota I bought them the cutest blue corduroy "Converse" style sneakers. In Size 2.

In April, Uncle Nathan and Aunt Summer gave them new shoes for when they reach Size 3. Well, they are there. Cute blue shoes - bye, bye.

Of course, it is about impossible to get the boys in the same picture anymore. And even more impossible to get Z to hold still long enough to get a picture of him. Let alone his shoes.

So, there are no pictures of Z in his new shoes. But he is wearing them!

(the many faces of Z on Mission Impossible: Grab Camera)

(G love to squat at the gate and watch Bubba. Or if Bubba isn't locked in the entry, just squat)

(I must give G a shoe to chew on so I can actually put his shoes on. He'd really rather eat them, so if I distract him with another shoe he leaves the ones I'm attempting to put on his feet alone)

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