09 August 2009

Mommy Splurged

The boys go through many, many diapers a week (I once figured up an average of a 110), and its just too hard to (1) stock up while we're grocery shopping because I never know how long it will be before we're back in Williston and (2) make trips to Williston just for diapers. Spending $20+ on gas for a box of diapers, as neccesary as they may be, just doesn't make sense. So I buy my diapers online, at diapers.com, where their slogan is "We deliver everything but the baby". And I find it makes MUCH more sense to spend exactly $13.01 more than the diapers cost to get free shipping. Even though shipping is only $4.99. It just makes sense in my mind, somehow. Though I am starting to question the thought process behind such sense. Most of the time I order practical things. Things that we need, and are unable to find here. Onesies for one order. A bathspout cover and snack containers for the next order.

The last order I placed I decided to splurge a little. And bought the boys a really fun, walk behind/ride on toy. And I realized that this may indeed be the first toy I have bought for the boys brand new! Ever frugal (see above where I frugally spend $8.02 more every time I place order..) I have always looked for toys at garage sales, online, or they've been given to us. I'm glad the boys like it so much! Definitely worth every penny spent.

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