03 September 2011

maybe not such a great idea.

Today I found a recipe for homemade 'edible' finger paint.  Edible as in, it won't kill them.  Not as in, it tastes yummy.  But hey, G will pretty much put anything in his mouth (I believe it was jet dry he wanted to suck down today).  I thought it would give me a chance to finish my grocery list. 

Or not so much.

And then the fun was over. 

 Z decided it was WAY too messy for him.

G decided to tear his paper into bits (which he then threw all over the dining room).

It was definitely a fun project.  Something I'm sure we'll do again.  But just not when I'm attempting to get stuff done.

Tonight we also had a first almost major boo-boo.  After the 500th + time of telling the boys to not rock their chairs at the table, I gave up.  Wouldn't you know, Z rocked it too hard and flipped his chair backwards.  Unfortunate for him Thomas the Train was laying on the floor at the exact point his head was to collide with it.  Gave him a nice little split (man, oh man do head wounds bleed).  I was afraid at first that I'd have to take him to the ER.  But the bleeding stopped prett much as soon as I put a cold wash cloth on it.  It dribbled a little more before a scab formed, but I decided we could get away without having to make that first, dreaded trip.  And, of course within minutes of climbing back into his chair he was rocking away.  Lesson learned  for.sure.

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