07 June 2009

At Long Last?

I realized this morning that I feel... at home. This is what I've dreamed my life would look like. I have an amazing husband. And the most wonderful, adorable little boys. I feel complete. Whole. Satisfied.

And this is all brought on by a candle. I lit a candle this morning while the boys were (and still are!) napping. And it hit me. This is my fairytale life. I get up in the morning, and am welcomed by two chubby faces smiling and giggling. I am swept off my feet every day by my prince charming. Our home is clean. I don't feel rushed or overwhelmed. I have time to take baths. Watch a good movie. Go for walks. And light candles. Everything in my life feels in order.

And I know, without a doubt, this is always what I was meant to be in life. A wife, and a mother.

Isn't it amazing what a full night of sleep can reveal to a person?

1 comment:

  1. Aww. I am so glad you find such happiness in your life. Many people take all that for granted.