28 April 2009

6 Months?!

Yes, they are really six months old. I have to wonder where time has gone.

We had our first appointment at the 'Crosby Clinic' today. You know, the one and only place to take yourself and babies within, I'd say close to a 70 mile radius! The Nurse Practitioner who saw the boys was wonderful! Her husband is also with CBP, but has been transferred to a station different from M's recently. Z did of course cry when she went to check him over. Big crocodile tears, and a frown that would melt any ones heart. Though I, for some reason, find it almost amusing when he frowns like that. Its just so out of charactor for him.

The boys are growing and developing perfectly. Both of them are 26 inches long, G is 16 pounds and Z is 15 pounds. What are the odds of them being an even pound AND only a pound apart?! She WAS a little concerned with G's head being cone shaped and is going to get me some referrals. I knew I didn't worry for naught. Also said that it looks like G may have some excema as well and that is what the rash on his face and neck are. She was very happy with their developmental progess and reccomended that I start baby proofing now. She gave me the go ahead to feed them some finger foods (such as saltines, cheerios, gerber puffs) if I'd like to, but said I can push it off to 9 months if it would make me more comfortable. Which I think we'll wait!

G&Z also had a sippy cup and apple juice for the first time yesterday. I offered them their cups after breakfast and Z knew exactly what to do with it, picked it up, put it in his mouth and tried to suck. There wasn't enough juice for him to get any because he hadn't tilted the cup far enough back. When I put more in there he didn't want to hold it on his own any more. G just enjoyed banging it against the tray of his high chair. We tried again after supper, with the same results from G. Z on the other hand took that cup and started drinking out of it like he had his whole life. I was very impressed. And he LOVES juice! Sucked the entire cup down in no time and was very upset to see it gone.

They are getting very active. Z much more than G of course. This morning he scooted around and found: (1) the camera (2) a pencil (3) a book (4) the printer (5) the laptop bag (6) my shopping lists. Oh the fun we're going to have!

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