06 April 2009


I'm sitting here watching the boys play on the floor. They've started noticing and interacting with each other more. I love to see it. G is laying on his back waving a rattle in his right hand. Z is laying next to him stomping his feet against the floor. For all intents and purposes you wouldn't know that they know each other is there. And then you see their little hands reach out and grab each other. Trying to find the others hand to hold. Then they'll look at each other for a second and go back to playing/stomping. Its a heartwarming experience to watch. They've started "talking" to each other across their room when their in the crib. Its adorable to listen to.

In other exciting news: Z has a tooth!!! Friday night when I was getting ready to give him his bath he chomped down on my finger and there was a tiny, razor sharp toothy. Its just barely broke through the gum, but once its more visible there will be pictures

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