27 April 2009

We're Back!

Back in so many ways. Back together as a family. Back together in our home. Back into the world of keeping people updated with our life!

So many things have happened since my last post. I don't have time to cover all of it, but the highlights are:

M has graduated FLETC and is officially Officer K.
We have traveled half way across the US and are finally in ND. Now we're just waiting on our furniture and stuff to arrive!
Z has a second tooth, and the way he was acting yesterday I'm wondering if there is a third close behind.
G has a first AND second tooth!

It is wonderful to be all in the same house again. Of course our backs ache, and our butts hurt from the lack of furniture, but we'll live with it! As of right now the estimated time of arrival is May 1st. We're really hoping they stick to that as M has it off.

The boys are doing wonderfully. The first few nights were a little rough, but I think they've adjusted a little to the new time zone and last night was wonderful. G has started rolling from his back to his tummy. And they both have started jumping when their in their saucers.

M is completely thrilled to have his little boys, and they've already got Daddy wrapped around their finger. I love to watch M interact with the boys, and the way the boys respond to them. Z absolutely adores him, and his eyes will follow M around the house as long as they can.

I, of course am beyond delighted to have M back home. It has been wonderful and amazing. His schedule has been busy, and I'm sure is only going to get busier, but just knowing that he's coming home every night (day, morning, what ever time of day it is he gets off that day) is comforting.

Here are some pictures of our little men from last night. They were SO adorable, and expressive, and brotherly, I just had to pull out the camera!

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