15 April 2011

We got the Jeep back on Wednesday.  It seems to have been an electrical problem.  The codes that came up said that the fuel injectors were ALL bad.  And that there was some problem with the throttle making connections with something.  The mechanic cleared all the codes out, cleaned a few things and it seems to be fine.  Of course, only M has drove it so far.  And it only has problems for yours truly.

Yesterday was a very long day.  I had training in Minot for the apartment complex I started managing.  Which meant getting me AND the boys out the door by 7am.  What a chaotic ordeal.  I dropped them off at the daycare I used once before.  They immediately started running around and playing.  And didn't even come and tell me bye =(

After a long day of training, which ran late, I went and did my grocery shopping.  And then went to pick up my little men.  Oh, how I missed them.  10 hours without hearing or seeing them is way too long.  I was so anxious to get them I could have cried.  They were at the basketball game, completely passed out in the stroller.  The daycare lady said they did amazing and played and ran all day long.  Only a few times they asked where I was, she told them I had to go bye-bye, and they were fine. 

It was good to have a day away.  It made me realize how much I love being able to spend every day with them.  And how much I miss them when they aren't around.

I need to go back to Minot sometime in the next week to get some training and certifications, and I'm already dreading having to leave my boys.

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