16 April 2011

I've been having the most fun trying new recipes lately.  I've realized that I can save a lot on our grocery bill if I have every meal and snack planned, instead of just having our supper planned and figuring out the rest as needed.

This morning we had yogurt parfaits for breakfast.  And for lunch I made delicious pesto pasta.

Both the boys are either coming down with something or allergies have descended upon us, so G didn't really eat anything.  Z on the other hand LOVED it!  He told me over and over that it was "dewicious", and ate all of his.  Part of mine.  And all of G's.

Other fun new things I've tried lately are sweet potato muffins.

Another thumb's up!

And then there are the bologna and cheddar muffins.  I've always been afraid of muffins.  I have problems mixing them just right almost every time.  But I've realized what an amazing thing they are, and what a great quick meal they can make in a pinch.  These were supposed to be ham and cheddar, but it was a "I need to go shopping, what can I make with what's in my fridge" meal.  And ta-da!  Bologna Cheddar muffins!

are they not the cutest little boys ever?!

Some more things on the menu for the next few weeks that I'm excited to try include....

bang-bang chicken salad
ham and cheese crepes
egg pesto melt
homemade graham crackers

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