18 April 2011

my turn

well, here it is.  Me.  And the bump.

For the first time in a very long time, I felt cute today.  And I decided to take advantage of it.  M took the first picture before he left for work.  And then I decided to see how well I could do using the timer on my fabulous fancy-shmancy camera.  I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed with how well my self-portrait-ing came out. 

As you can see, Lil' M's room is coming along!  In truth, that is only completed part... and even that isn't 100% done.  I'm waiting on a few more packages to arrive.  And the weather to improve a little so I can do some spray painting.  My goal is to have it done in the next 2 weeks.  And then I'll be washing all the adorable little baby{girl} clothes, packing my hospital bag in case she wants to come early, and waiting (very eagerly) on her arrival.

1 comment:

  1. I love seeing you & "the bump"!! It's a mighty precious bump & she's got an adorable room & Momma!