18 March 2009


We have a house to move to! I'm so happy to finally know where we're going to be living. We haven't seen the house, but it sounds nice and is close to what we're looking for size-wise and more importantly rent-wise. They have no problems with our dogs and aren't even requiring us to put down a pet deposit. The house isn't where we were originally looking, but is on the west side of the state. Only 35 miles from Montana in fact! Its a small town, but sounds great and has every thing we'll need. I can't wait for April to get here and make it our home.

The boys have been the most perfect angel babies the last week. Right now G is in the exersaucer and Z is rolling around on his back, grabbing at his feet, and watching G play. They are starting more and more to recoginze and interact with each other. I love it when I come into the room and they're laying on the floor looking at each other talking and laughing.

Z just rolled from his back to his tummy! He's done it only 2 times before. Once was unintentional. He was mad when I laid him down for a diaper change and rolled over. The other time I don't think he was expecting it either as it scared him and he cried for a good period of time afterwards.

On Monday we finally got our new fancy, dancy stroller. It is the most amazing thing in the world! Definitely worth the money my dear parents paid for it (smile). We went for a walk the day it got here. Yesterday we went up to Sangertown Square and met with (my) Grandma Bette and Grandpa Ray for lunch at Friendly's. After lunch Grammie Jill needed to find shoes for Aunt Summer's wedding. I really got to test the stroller out, and it is incredible. Pushes like there is nothing in it. Can turn on a dime. And one of the most important features, I am able to push it with ONE hand! Now its ok if I have to carry a baby the entire time I'm out some where! [Not really boys, don't get any ideas].

G is still waking up at least 3 times a night crying. I've been able to give him just his pacifier or let him cry himself to sleep. In some ways its easier than getting up and feeding him, but in other ways its harder. If I just fed him then he would sleep more soundly for the rest of the night. BUT I don't want him to think that its ok to wake up and eat all night long. He has been doing really good though. Friday and Saturday night he slept through the entire night. And since then he hasn't got out of his crib until after 5am, even though he wakes up during the night. Z of course almost consisitently sleeps through the night. Last night he went to bed at 7:30 and still slept until around 7 this morning.

Last night the boys had peas for the first time. And they LOVED them! They must have been extremely hungry last night because they split a 4oz jar of peas, G had a 2.5oz jar of sweet potatoes and about an ounce of formula on top of that and Z had all but a few bites out of a 2.5oz jar of sweet potatoes and then had a bottle about 1 1/2 hours later.

M is doing good. He got the rest of his graduation uniform this week, and its starting to feel more real that this is almost over. Only 3 weeks and 5 days left until I see him!

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