04 March 2009

New Trick Up His Sleeve... err, Sleep Sack

Z has another new trick. He now can get his feet of his jammie footies and unsnap his jammie legs. I got him up the other morning and once again there were two little naked legs and feet waving around inside his sleep sack. He is truly my Houdini boy!

Solids are going wonderfully! Peaches and squash are a no go. Not because they don't like them. They do awful things to their poor little insides. Every morning they have a bowl of rice cereal mixed with prunes and then for supper they have another jar of baby food. Sweet potatoes, carrots, pears... they love them all. We've only tried bananas once. I guess mommy's aversion to bananas is carrying over into what she feeds her babies!

Right now the boys are both asleep. G is curled up in the swing with a big blanket piled on top of him. He has always loved to be snuggled in under a blanket. Every now and then I hear him happily sigh in his sleep, and I know if I went and looked at him there would be a smile on his face. Z is asleep on the floor. Not the ideal place for a nap, but it happens! I think he is waking up though. I see his little legs wiggling under the blanket, and can hear him starting to coo and talk to himself. I am truly amazed and in love with these boys.

I have been fighting since day one to get these boys on a schedule and it just doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or what I should change. G is still so inconsistent with how he sleeps through the night and it messes our day schedule up. I had such high hopes of getting them on a schedule and sticking to it. I guess its one of those things that aren't as important as I thought it should be. Bedtime ends up being the same time every night. I figure that is what is important. I need to figure out how to keep both boys on similar schedules. Today is a good day, but there are days when they're about 1-1 1/2 hours off. When G is napping, Z's awake. When Z is eating, G needs mommy-tention. I don't know how to fix those days. Today I fed them both when they woke up, and decided to just feed them again as if we were on the right schedule. It seems to be working OK.

A very dear friend from Florida was up here visiting for 4 days. It was not long enough and I hated to see her go. Hopefully she'll come visit me in North Dakota... and soon!

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