11 March 2009

Big Boys Eat the Big Boy Way

Grammy and Gramps went to Ikea this past weekend. While they were there they picked up two highchairs for G & Z. Here is their first meal in their big boy chairs!

Unfortunately they are still just a little too young for the design of the chair so that has been their only meal in the chairs. Minus the attempted breakfast the next day that resulted in G screaming for a LONG, long time afterwards.

As for today...

G only got up once last night. 2:30am more specifically. I tried to let him just cry and figure it out on his own. Which is really just being kind. I made a desperate attempt to drown out and ignore his cries and screams so I could stay in bed. I recently read that you shouldn't pick them up, but just pat their back, rub their head, etc. while they are still laying in their crib during the middle of the night. Well, after one very pointless attempt to give G his pacifier and calm him down I let him cry for a few more minutes and gave in. Off we were to the land of milk and bottles (aka, the kitchen). He drank about 2 ounces and was falling asleep so in his crib he went. He did then sleep until 5:30 this morning when, miracles of miracle, I was able to just give him his paci and he slept for a whole other HOUR! So, we still ended up with our normal "6:30 and I'm so awake for the day" time. He has been cute and charming though and spent nearly 30 minutes on his tummy before getting fussy about it (see video clip below!). Right now he's taking a little nap in his swing.

Z on the other hand did not wake up at all last night. And the precious boy is STILL sleeping!

Its a gray, rainy day here today. Maybe I should take advantage of the miserable weather and start packing. Or maybe I should just play with the boys all day and watch movies. I'm pretty sure that I like option two better.

Make sure you have your volume turned up! The video is some what boring without the sound.

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