10 March 2009

Again, Finally!

G slept through the night again! Its only been, oh say 3-4 weeks or so since he decided that he really HAS to wake up at least once a night. Preferably two or three times though. Last night though, gorgeous sleep. He slept through the night. Z slept through the night. Mommy slept through the night. Its going to be a good day!

I can actually here him stirring in his crib now. He was up at 5am to eat, and he normally feels that his day starts around 6am. Which is a drastic improvement over the previous 4am. And today its OK that he wants his day to start now because I was able to get a full night of sleep! In fact, that is why I'm blogging and not sleeping right now.

I am getting excited as there are only 5 weeks left until M's graduation. 5 weeks until I see him again. 5 weeks until we're together as a family. At the same time that I am supremely excited and happy, I'm also starting to feel stress. 5 weeks to get every thing ready to move. 5 weeks to figure out all the small details. And some larger ones. Like where exactly we're going to live. The excitment outweighs the stress. I am so very ready to have my family together again.

Well since I am awake and feeling pretty good from having slept all night, I'm going to go let the dogs out, do pilates, drink a cup of coffee and take a shower before the boys decide they're done with being in their cribs.

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