24 January 2011

Smarty Pants

M and I were so proud (and slightly) amazed at the boys earlier today.  We were playing cars on the floor and Z picked up one of the cars and says "Nissan!"  Sure enough, it was the Nissan.  We then proceeded to ask him what every car laying on the floor around us was.  Every, single one of them he knew!  Chevelle, Nova, Porshe, Mustang... without a beat he could tell us what they were.  He even went into the playroom and found specific cars we were asking for ("where is your black nissan?").  G did really good too!  He wasn't 100% on like Z was, but he could tell us what the majority of their cars were.

They aren't great a counting... usually goes something like "2,4,2,3,6,7,2,7,8,2".  But at least they know their cars!

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