05 January 2011

potty {deep breath} training

This afternoon we had an impromptu potty training session.  Its something that I've been casually working on with the boys, but not really pushing it yet.  Basically I'm getting them used to sitting on their potties and hopefully getting the general idea of what is supposed to happen in their heads.

I had been in the kitchen making the boys lunch.  And I hear from the living room "MESSY!".  Now, I should have known then that something was going on.  In fact, I even had the thought "I'm probably going to regret not running in there right now to see what is going on".  But I wanted to get lunch made and some dishes washed before we sat down to eat.

15 minutes later they were still both shouting "MESS!".  And I finally made my way to the living room.  And there were 2 adorable little boys.  Completely naked.  They had managed to unsnap the placket on their jammies.  Unzip their jammies and take them off.  And take off their diapers. 

There in the middle of my living room floor, along with 3 obvious locations where they had peed, was a poop.  Which they were squatting over, pointing at and yelling "MESS!"

Its one of those moments that you either cry or laugh hysterically.  And laugh I did.  It was just too funny to see their little nake-y bums squatting over this random poop in the middle of the living room.

I brought out the potties and told them they were supposed to go pee and poopy in their potties.

And then decided they could wear undies at least until naptime and I would see how they did.  They actually did really good.  They both stayed dry through lunch.  It was quite an amusing lunch in my opinion.  Every 5 seconds I found myself saying "Tell mommy if you have to go pee or poopy.  Don't pee on Elmo.  Don't pee on Spongebob."

After lunch G did pee in his potty!  I was so proud of him, and he was so proud to dump his pee in the toilet, flush the toilet, and best of all "wash!"  The child LOVES to wash his hands!  They both then had one accident before naptime when I put them back in a diaper.  But I felt that for 2 hours in undies 2 children, 1 success and 2 accidents wasn't that bad.

After naptime Z discovered the clean undies that were still in the living room.  And he felt that he should be wearing them (and yes, he did this himself with no help from me!)

G was again naked when I came to get them for supper.  I'm not sure if he's trying to tell me he doesn't like his wet diaper and wants it off.  Or if he really just likes to strip and run around naked.  I'm really leaning towards the later.

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