03 January 2011


I put up a post on my facebook earlier today and a friend mentioned I should journal my super woman moment as its a milestone.  It only took a split second for me to realize she was right.  So here it is.

Today I needed to run to the grocery store.  Now 'running to the grocery store' isn't the same as most people.  M is working the horrid shift of noon - 8pm, so I had no choice but to bring the boys with me.  It involves the whole ugly process mentioned in 'the decision' along with a 30 minute car ride to the grocery store.  I only had a short list today, mainly we needed milk and produce.  Easy, peasy.  For most people.  In general I get to the store, unload the stroller, take one boy out of the truck, buckle him into the stroller, get the other boy out of the truck, buckle him into the stroller (that one usual screams), grab my purse and list and head inside.  Lately, I've been branching out and letting the boys walk (while holding my hands) into the store, and then I put them in the basket of the cart.  I'm not fond of doing it at this particular store because they have these odd little carts (no lie the sides of the basket are maybe 12-13"), and the front of the cart actually drops open.

Today I decided I will let the boys walk in the store.  I discussed with them in great detail what we were going to do once we got in the store, and what sort of behavior I wanted to see.  Sometimes that actually works.

I came out of that store feeling like super woman.  They listened perfectly.  There were no tantrums or meltdowns.  No one ran away.  They did try to get me to buy marshmallows and pudding.  But after I explained to them that we already had that stuff at home and it wasn't on the list, they put them back on the shelf.  I let them each pick out their own cereal.  Originally they chose strawberry yogurt cheerios and banana nut cheerios, but after they realized I was actually letting them pick out what they wanted they chose cookie crisps and Reece's puffs (which sounded pprreeetttyyy good to pregnant mommy, and was NOT denying them those!)  They marched around that store so proud to help me get the groceries off the shelf and push the cart.  And we came out of the store with the only extras being 3 kinds of juice instead of just one (again, a side effect of being pregnant... they ALL sounded good to me!)

There were some potential difficulties getting out to the truck (2 toddlers, 4 heavy bags of groceries, 1 me).  But, thankfully the store has baggers who also help you carry the groceries.  I did get the one creepy person, but I was feeling on top of the world at that point and didn't care!

It made me so proud to see my little men behaving so big.  I also had another proud moment where someone commented on how good they were talking. 

It also gives me hope.  Maybe, just maybe when this new baby arrives we will be OK.  I will be able to do this after all.

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  1. Yes, you can do it!! It may be crazy in the beginning with a new baby and two 2 year olds but it does work! I use to grocery shop with the baby in a baby bjorn, and it was magic! I always went with the baby fed before leaving the house and we just did it. It got easier the older the kids got.

    Sunshine81 from the forum....