29 November 2009


Now that we have a family of our own I'm excited to pass on the traditions from my childhood. As well as start some of our own.

Somethings I will never give up, and pass on to the boys, is having a Polish supper on Christmas Eve with kielbasa and pierogis. Thanksgiving should always include green bean casserole and fall fruit salad. And ham is eaten on Christmas.

This year I'm going to introduce a "12 Days of Christmas" Calender, which will give us something Christmas related to do the 12 days before Christmas. This year I plan on including making cookies, babbka, and pierogis in our calender. Another tradition that we're starting this year is getting a new Christmas movie every year and watching it on Christmas Eve.

We recently decided that we're going to have a pizza night every Wednesday.

And when the boys are a little older we are going to have a 'sleepover' night, where the boys get to watch a movie and sleep in bed with us.

I hope when G and Z are older they will look back and have happy memories of our special traditions and time spent together the same way I look back on my childhood and smile.


  1. Awww,you are sooo sweet!! You make me feel good,even tho' I am so sick with a cold!! Love you,miss you, Ashley!-Mom