13 November 2009

First Car

The other day we recieved our diapers, and today I finally pulled them in the house and took them out of the shipping box. I left the box in the dining room, and of course the boys found it. They started pushing it around and playing with it, so I thought I'd introduce them to the joy of a box.

(it is VERY hard to draw on a box with two-one year olds trying to grab the sharpie!)

After I took the pictures we zoomed around the house, did a few 360s, fishtailed a bit, but came out unharmed. After all, their favorite supper of peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches were waiting for them!


  1. I love it! I have thought about ordering from there.. do you like it? I was looking at their prices, and it seems i can get then WAY cheaper at BRU when I stack coupons.. Are there any other codes besides the $5 of for new members? that still doesn't be much of a discount..

  2. oh - BTW - your artistic skills are GREAT, even with the help from the boys!