06 November 2009

Our Every Day

Here is a glimpse into our morning.

I know it would be easy to assume that I only portray our good, happy moments in pictures and video clips on here. But our days are actually like this 99% of the time. These two amazing boys are so happy and content. I wake up every morning to giggles and, if I actually get out of bed when they first wake up, smiles. I usually lay in bed listening to them until the yells of protest begin, and then get them out of bed. There are no smiles by that point.

There are so many times during our day that I look at them and am amazed. How did this happen? How is it that I have not only the cutest boys in the world, but also the happiest?

Every where we go I get comments about how happy and well-behaved they are. I have moments when I feel that motherhood is so overwhelming, and to hear people applaud us for how wonderful our children are helps to reassure me that we're doing something right.

1 comment:

  1. I love that video! I am glad I am not the only mom who's child screams at the top of their lungs like that.