07 July 2009

First Fourth

M actually had the 4th off! In fact he's had the last 4 days off, and today is his first day back at work. We took the boys over to Noonan for the fireworks.

Noonan is described on their website as a 'small thriving rural town, with many businesses'.

Small, yes. Any of the other, not so much. We arrived early and had supper at Bootleggers. Yes, a bar. With a family dining room. Still felt odd to take the boys into a bar. After supper we walked Noonan. Up and down every, single, street in the entire town. And we still had 40 minutes until the fireworks started!

It ended up cooling off a lot more than I expected it to so we enjoyed the fireworks from inside the Jeep. The boys were mesmerized by them. We ended up leaving early, because there is really only so long two overtired eight month little men can handle sitting still.

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